Your Jellyfish Aquarium Guide


Are You Ready For Some Underwater Fun?

Nothing screams underwater adventure like a Jellyfish Aquarium!
They're the addition to your living space or bedroom that you didn't know you needed! An amazing conversation piece or entertaining distraction for children ... and adults too (Don't worry we won't tell!)

Step 1: Purchase Your Jellyfish Aquarium
We have a wide selection of colors and are sure to capture your eye with at least one of our vibrant shades. Select the one that speaks to you the most and wait for your special Jellyfish Aquarium to arrive approximately 2 weeks subsequent to the purchase date!

Step 2: Put Your Jellyfish Aquarium In The Sun
Now that you have received your Jellyfish Aquarium in your desired color, place it on a windowsill, the counter, or anywhere within your home which receives high amounts of sunlight! The sunnier the location, the more UV rays the Jellyfish Aquarium is able to soak up ultimately resulting in a brighter more compelling night time aquarium.

Step 3: Enjoy!
After a day of soaking up the sun, your Jellyfish Aquarium is ready to enjoy! Place the aquarium in your desired setting and watch it add an interesting element to any room!

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