1. All the Zen

See and feel the quiet embrace of the ocean while watching the jellyfish swim about their lamp. The smooth movement of the jellyfish provide great sensory stimulation to slow you down from your day to day hustle and bustle and allow you to just..relax.


2. Visual Therapeutic Lamp Lighting

The slow transition of patterns provide a great soothing effect. Designed with tones of blue and purple hues, the jellyfish lamp is visually stimulating and instills calmness, peace, and tranquility.


3. Personal Aquarium

No need to venture out of the comforts of your home to see the lovely creatures of the sea. The fluorescent illumination of the jellyfish lamp makes an exotic exhibit right in the corner of your own home.


4. Stimulating Home Decor

What could be more alluring than the curious scene of a jellyfish aquarium in the corner of your own home? Stimulate your guests with this intriguing and retro style of room decor.


5. Energy Saving Nightlight

When the night casts its shadows into your home, no need to keep your lights on through the night. The Jellyfish Lamp provides a striking yet mellow lighting to keep the room softly lit. Several options allow you to power the lamp at your own preference: either by AAA batteries or by USB charging cord, helping you save electricity at night.
October 13, 2020 — PHIL