Top 5 Beaches With The World's Most Jellyfish

Top 5 Beaches With The World's Most Jellyfish

Top 5 Beaches With The World's Most Jellyfish

Has quarantine got you bored? Are you dreaming of being on vacation and sunbathing by the beach? Well make sure to do plenty of research before choosing your tourist destination! While beaches might seem like a great place to relax, they are also swarming with marine wildlife, some of which are quite dangerous! Keep reading to find out which beaches around the world have the most jellyfish!

Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Jellyfish lake might be known as the beach with the most jellyfish in the world, but it actually used to be a huge tourist attraction. The Golden Jellyfish at this lake are harmless and don’t sting people. You could hire a tour guide to take you around the lake and dive into the jellyfish-filled water! Unfortunately, this lake was closed in 2016 due to the decreasing number of jellyfish. The lake is currently recovering their population and tourists hope that they can visit again in the future.

Okinawa Beach, Japan

Okinawa Beach is another location known for its high jellyfish population. Box jellyfish are known to be common during May and October, particularly around artificial beaches. Despite the protective netted areas, jellyfish stings are rising and are dangerous to beach goers. These beaches are also known for other dangerous marine life such as lionfish, the Erabu black-banded sea krait, and the crown of thorns starfish, so make sure to be careful!

Cable Beach, Australia

Cable beach rests on the west coast of Australia, and is known for its high jellyfish stinger season. As beautiful as this beach might be, it was forced to close twice in just a few days due to the high number of jellyfish stings. The beach floor is often dragged during closures to find jellyfish, but there is only so much we can do to keep beach-goers safe!

Casco Bay, Maine

Casco Bay is known for its large number of jellyfish in its waters, especially during the summer when the water is warm. In 2015, many people reported seeing large swarms of jellyfish off the beach’s coast. However, despite these sightings, this beach is still nowhere near as dangerous as some of the other beaches on this list! Scientists are currently researching the reason behind these sudden booms in jellyfish.

Cape Tribulation, Australia

It's to no surprise that another beach in Australia is on this list. Cape Tribulation experiences stinger season between November to May. Box jellyfish are most commonly found here. But, just like many Australian beaches, jellyfish are not the only thing you should worry about. This beach is swarming with marine life such as venomous snakes, crocodiles, and stinging trees.

However, despite all these warnings, remember that not all jellyfish are dangerous! Jellyfish actually symbolize healing and moving forward. There is no way to heal yourself and relax than with the LED Jellyfish Lamp! It provides a comforting light in the dark and a beautiful ambiance. 

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