How To Take Care Of Your Jellyfish And Its Tank

There are many things to take into consideration when taking care of your Jellyfish and keeping their tank up to par. This blog will take a deeper dive into how lighting can impact both your jellyfish and the effects it has on its living space. It is important to understand how to properly take care of your pet before purchasing. In particular, lighting will make a difference in its health and the environment. Just like most things, everything in moderation is okay but excessive use can be damaging. 

Keeping your light on can cause 2 major problems:


Problem 1 - Disrupting your Jellyfish’s Cycle 

Like other fish, jellyfish run on a daily cycle. It is important to keep a similar daily light schedule that they would likely experience in the wilderness. 


Problem 2 - Supporting the build-up of algae

A little bit of algae is completely normal, however, when it starts to build, it can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. The build-up of algae will also have a harmful effect on the water quality. As the algae continue to build up, the tank will start to look dirty and you will hardly see your jellyfish. Because algae need to grow, having a regular light schedule will somewhat help you maintain the rapid growth. Make sure to keep the algae contained and regularly clean it.  

A simple solution to this problem is buying a timer. Many aquatic owners already know that a timer can make life much easier and solve these two major problems. They are available at many retailers and can be found at affordable prices.

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