How To Meditate In Front Of A Jellyfish Lamp

Do you ever catch yourself stressed out about your future? Or anxious about what today or tomorrow are going to be like? Or worried about managing your time and energy well? Well we’ve got a solution for you, it’s meditation, but not just any kind of meditation though, meditation in front of a jellyfish lamp. Now you might say it seems crazy, but meditation is a thousand year old practice, originally practiced to understand and experience a deeper understanding of life, the world, and all things around us. However, nowadays meditation is a common practice used to reduce stress and anxiety. As well as treatment for illnesses, and a keypart in many athletes, millionaires, and business mens days and routines. It’s also proven that one can improve their meditating abilities and focus by concentrating on an object. Here’s how to meditate in front of a jellyfish lamp.


Jellyfish lamps are a great aesthetically pleasing object you can find yourself staring into and getting lost in for hours at a time even. Now combining that with even a beginners level of meditation, you could find yourself at inner peace and much more relaxed, with your mind off of the daily stresses and anxieties that life throws at us. Lava lamps and Jellyfish lamps are a great focal point for your room or home to help set a relaxing mood, away from the busy and modern world architecture and designs we are surrounded by. Many people have even claimed that the glow, and subtle movement of the jellyfish lamps help them unwind and step into a state of relaxation. 
But enough about all the benefits of the Jellyfish lamp, you want to know how to use it in combination with meditation to reach an even higher level of relaxation and peace. So let's get started! 
First, you’ll want to find a quiet spot in your room, or living room, or even backyard! Next position the Jellyfish lamp somewhere in sight, not too far so you have to strain yourself looking at it and could be distracted by other things going on around it, but not too close that it's all you see when looking towards it. Usually a few feet straight in front of you will do the trick. Next you’ll want to sit down in front of the lamp, meditation experts claim that placing one foot on top of the other is the best way to sit, as it creates less physical stress on your knees and legs. But, for beginners, it's totally acceptable to cross your legs and slowly transition into placing them on top of one another until you get more comfortable and used to it. 
Next, place your hands in your lap, one on top of the other, in a cradle position, one hand holding the other in place, in a relaxed state. Now finally, position your head and back in a straight position, not looking up or down too much, just directly at the lamp. Now, you can start with your eyes closed for now, or start by staring into the jellyfish lamp. You want to focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in, and deep breaths out. Focus on the little pauses in between your breaths, and nothing else yet. Continue breathing in and out until you have focus on your breathing, even if it is just a bit. After you’ve done some deep breathing, if you have not yet, open your eyes and focus on the jellyfish lamp, all while continuously focusing on your breathing, until you’re taking deep breaths and focusing on the pauses subconsciously. 
Now focus on the slow and methodical transitions of different patterns and shapes inside the Jellyfish lamp. The deep sea design of blue and purple tones is naturally visually stimulating and inspires calm and tranquility. Continue the deep breathing, as you notice your body is getting less and less uncomfortable, and lighter. While looking into the Jellyfish lamp, see and feel the quiet, yet welcoming embrace of the ocean and the jellyfish swimming around peacefully. The slow and smooth transitions of the jellyfish are an amazing sensory stimulation that one can find themselves lost in for time. 
And that’s all there is to it! Just continue deep breathing and focus into the jellyfish lamp for as long as possible, without getting distracted by your smartphone, surroundings, or worrying about that long to do list you may still have. We recommend setting a 5-10 or 15 minute timer, try to focus on your breathing and meditation until you hear your alarm go off. This will ensure you retain as much attention as you can while starting off and mid meditation. Meditating can help bring balance and peace back to your daily life, while reducing stress and anxiety levels. 
So if you feel stressed and want a break from the busy modern day landscape and all its worries, try meditating with a Jellyfish lamp to reduce your stress and refresh your mind. A healthy mind is also a healthy body. So don’t just wait around and complain about all your worries! Get your very own unique Jellyfish lamp today! Shop Now! Click Here!


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