Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the jelly fish lamp run continuously?

Answer: The Jellyfish Lamp has an on/off switch. The lights and water current will only function when the lamp is turned on. When the lamp is off, the jellyfish will stay suspended in a stationary position.

Question: How often do I need to change the water?

Answer: We recommend occasionally changing the water if it gets dirty; however, this will be much less frequent than if you had a real aquarium. Additionally, if a collection of bubbles appears to be affecting the swimming of your jellyfish, a change in water often aids in solving this problem.

Question: Does the tank grow mold?

Answer: No, if you follow the enclosed instructions and add a drop of dish washing liquid, your tank will not grow mold.

Question: Is there a user's manual?

Answer: A user's guide can be found here

Question: What are the jellyfish made of?

Answer: The jellyfish is made of silicon and plastic

Question: Do you put the batteries in the jellyfish, or the tank? And how do the jellyfish swim?

Answer: Batteries are placed into the tank, not the fish themselves. The jellyfish swim by way of a water jet that is produced by a pump hidden inside the tank.
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