The lava lamp has fairly mysterious origins but if you think back to the 60’s and 70’s your memories are probably illuminated by a lamp filled with swirling globs of colourful goop that made you enjoy life.

These lamps were an instant hit with hippies and youth, because, let’s be honest: lava lamps are very interesting to look at, no matter what. Nowadays we know that this object is based on a simple scientific principle that certain liquids, like oil and water, don’t mix.

Now that we bring you back a few memories, let us share with you the reasons why you should get one of this.


1. No two lava lamps are the same

While the first lava lamp designs features a gold base filled with no more than 4 colors, today there are more than 150 color combination available.

2. Doesn’t stress your eyes at night

Since the lamp itself isn’t bright enough to illuminate an entire room, it helps your eyes relax instead of being strained.

3. Consider as a terapeutic

The fast-paced world of today throws a lot of stimuli at us all the time, from all angles. Having a lava lamp as the focal point of your room can be a great way to set a relaxing mood anywhere. A lot of people say that the glow and movement of the wax in lava lamps help them unwind and de-stress.

4. It’s easy to take care of it

If you got a little worried about how much work a lava lamp actually is  we can eased your mind! The only things you need to do to ensure a good lifetime for you lamp is only to store it and use it away from direct sunlight.

5. Novelty gift

This groovy lava lamp is a great novelty gift for any occasion like birthdays, Christmas and everyone will want and love.


We dare you to enjoy the colorful motion of of the timeless lava lamps wich is a perfect addition to your room decor. If you’re interested to get one of this incredible lamps you can click here 

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