10 Cool things you didn’t know about jellyfish

10 Cool things you didn’t know about jellyfish

10 Cool things you didn’t know about jellyfish



When 2020 first began, no one would have expected that it would bring a pandemic and other catastrophes. As COVID continued to spread, many individuals were unable to leave their homes and had nothing to do. 

However, instead of remaining bored, why not take the opportunity to redecorate and revamp your home? This glow-in-the-dark jellyfish lamp is the perfect decorate to snazz-up your room! Not only is it beautiful to look at, it is also educational! Did you know that jellyfish are one of the most interesting creatures on our planet? Keep reading to find out the 10 coolest things about jellyfish that you probably didn’t know!

  • Jellyfish are one of the oldest multicellular creatures on earth
  • Through the study of fossils, scientists have discovered that jellyfish have been alive for over 500 million years! This makes jellyfish even older than dinosaurs!

  • Jellyfish don’t have brains
  • Unlike humans, jellyfish don't have any brains, a heart, or lungs! While it seems like it should be impossible to survive without these vital organs, jellyfish have extremely thin skin. This allows them to directly absorb oxygen through their skin. Having a heart would also be unnecessary since they do not have any blood. A nerve net below their epidermis also allows them to easily adapt to their environment. They also don’t need to have complex thoughts (which requires a brain) thanks to their sensitive skin!

  • A jellyfish is also called a “Medusa”
  • Jellyfish are shaped like a bell with tentacles dangling from the bottom. They are called Medusa because they greatly resemble Medusa from Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Medusa was a woman cursed by the goddess Athena. The goddess punished Medusa by turning her hair into snakes, and made her face so hideous that staring into her eyes would turn people into stone. To add, in Greek, Hebrew, French, and other languages, jellyfish are referred to as “Medusa”

  • Jellyfish are able to clone themselves
  • Jellyfish are one of the most interesting creatures on this planet. One of the reasons why is because they are able to clone themselves! Scientists have found that, if a jellyfish is cut in half, then the two halves are able to regenerate and turn into two brand new jellies!

  • Some jellyfish species have teeth
  • To humans, most jellyfish appear to be very beautiful and graceful creatures. But did you know that there is a species of jellyfish that has teeth? These are called beroid comb jellyfish. These jellyfish use their teeth to pierce and rip apart their prey in their stomachs!

  • Jellyfish have gone to space
  • You may have never been to space, but jellyfish have! This occurred in 1991, when astronauts brought moonlight jellyfish onboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. This was an experiment for scientists to study how jellyfish were affected by microgravity. The jellyfish were able to reproduce in space. However, once they returned to earth, the scientists discovered that the space-born jellyfish were unable to deal with gravity.

  • Jellyfish can never get their tentacles tangled
  • All jellyfish have tentacles, some long and some short. However, even the jellyfish with the longest tentacles never get tangled in the ocean! This is amazing considering the fact that their tentacles can grow up to 27 meters long! But why don’t their tentacles get tangled, you may ask. This is because their tentacles are extremely slippery, which prevents them from touching and sticking to other things in the ocean. Also, jellyfish only use their tentacles to sting other jellyfish!

  • Jellyfish have extremely long tentacles
  • We all know that jellyfish have tentacles, but depending on the subspecies of jellyfish, the length of their tentacles vary. The lion’s mane jellyfish is one of the largest jellyfish in the world. Its tentacles can grow to be up to 27 meters long! This length is even longer than the world’s largest mammal, also known as the blue whale. 

  • Jellyfish have really cool names
  • When there is a group of animals, we call them by specific names such as “a gaggle of geese” or “a murder of cows”. But what do we call a group of jellyfish?  A group of jellyfish, which can reach up to 300,000 jellyfish, is called a “bloom”,  a “swarm”, or a “smack”!

  • There is not much to a jellyfish
  • While jellyfish are very interesting creatures, when it comes to what they’re made of, there’s really not much to a jellyfish! Depending on the subspecies of jellyfish, they are made out of around 85% to 98% water. This makes a lot of sense since they are sea creatures after all. However, because of this, if a jellyfish gets stranded on the beach they will practically disappear as the water in their systems evaporates! 


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